Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Peter Fillmore Secretary
Otway Forum

Next Council meeting

Wednesday, 27 June,

@ COPACC, 4:00pm


Wednesday 25 July @ COPACC, 4:00pm


Otway Forum normally meets at 3.00pm on the second Sunday of each month at the Community House,
"Marrar Woorn" in Pengilley Avenue, Apollo Bay.  Check the Apollo Bay News sheet for details.

Meeting 313  10 June 2018

Important dates for your diary



Thursday 14 June 2018
3:00 - 6:00

AB Tourism Parking and Traffic Strategy

Information session

A brief update….
In March the proponents to develop 275 Barham River Road into a Mega-Hotel for  Chinese prepackaged bus tours were instructed by Planning Panels Vic (PPV) to resubmit a Planning Permit application that contains sufficient detail to enable a merit assessment to be undertaken.
PPV provided a specific list of the shortcomings of the original application that would need to be addressed.
PPV advise that on May 16 a document package was delivered to them by the proponents. PPV are now in the process of  evaluating that document package to ascertain completeness and detail.
Once the evaluation process is finalised, potentially around the end of May, PPV will decide if further information and detail is still required, or if the assessment process can commence.
If the process is to recommence the new plans and documentation will be made available on COC website. The community will at that point be able view the plans and make submissions to PPV in a similar manner as for the original application. Objectors Inc has a team of experts standing by to assist everyone in this submission process.

Further Directions Hearing expected in late July
We will update all members again as soon as any new developments or information comes to hand.

Barham Valley Resort

The Planning Ministers Panel on the Barham Valley mega resort has received more information from the developer/speculator.

The Panel will now decide if the new information is sufficient before it can be released for public submissions for a further 21 days.

It is anticipated that a second Directions Hearing will be held in late July.

The main hearing is not expected to commence before late August.

Foreshore and beaches

Back and front beaches continue to be replenished  with sand from inside the harbour and the Pt Bunbury groyne area.

About one metre from the base of the replenishment works was lost after the first medium sized swell.

A DELWP workshop reported that most of the sand that has washed away from last year’s work, has not resettled on the beaches.

Now the area where that sand was harvested is more vulnerable to storm surges and rising sea levels.

If this cycle of rising sea levels and increasingly more frequent and powerful storm surges continues, there will soon not be enough sand for further replenishment.

Volunteers sought

DELWP and Otway Coast Committee are looking for volunteers to monitor the front and back beach erosion with a drone, GPS programmes and a tablet computer, that will be supplied.

Perhaps the school students could be involved, as its their future that is being washed away?

Another sand study currently being undertaken with report to be finalised before the end of year.

Traffic, tourism and parking

GTA consultants have started a AB Tourism Parking and Traffic Strategy for COS.

More information on this Thursday at Senior Cits  3-6pm, please attend.

“It will inform a future project, scheduled for later this year, which will look at infrastructure in AB more broadly.”

Public Submissions on COS budget this week.