Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Peter Fillmore Secretary
Otway Forum


Otway Forum normally meets at 3.00pm on the second Sunday of each month at the Community House,
"Marrar Woorn" in Pengilley Avenue, Apollo Bay.  Check the Apollo Bay News sheet for details.

Our late friend John Spencer wrote a seminal work on the planning fiasco around Apollo Bay.  Much of the work is available here and is relevant to the current proposal for a massive resort in the Barham valley

- a proposal which may have extremely bad outcomes for the town.
Read John’s words - and pages 86 - 95 may be of particular interest.            

Next Council meeting

Wednesday, 18 April,

Then 23 May, also at COPACC

Otway Forum Meeting   No.311   April  8th

Matters included:

Mega Resort

A list of approximately 20 issues have to be addressed by the proposed developer following the Directions Hearing.

The developer has notified the panel this work will be done by the 15th of May.

If this in fact occurs, then all documents will be put out for public comment for 21 days, before the panel can commence its hearings.

COS councillors will then have to debate and vote on the proposal, hopefully at a SGM in Apollo Bay.

Removal of sand at Point Bunbury groyne and from the eastern beach within the harbour will commence shortly.

The sand will be transported to the back beach to replace what was washed away over the last 12 months.

The State Auditor General has released the report “Protecting Coastal Assets” The report can be viewed here

It concludes “agencies are not managing their assets adequately to protect them from current and future hazards”

Great Ocean Road Management

GOR to be closed at Mount Defiance between 28-31 may for urgent geotechnical and drainage works.

The GOR Taskforce will be having an information session at the Mech. Hall Tuesday April 17th 4-6pm.

This will identify  new management models and issues and options for the GOR.

To read the report go to greatoceanroad.taskforce@delwp.vic.gov.au

Submissions close 30th April.

Electoral re-distribution

It is proposed that AB and coastal regions will remain in the Corangamite Federal seat to be renamed Cox.

Colac and northern areas of the shire to become part of the safe conservative Wannon seat.

Will Cox still be marginal??

Marriners Falls

Hopefully Parks Vic. will review the Mariners Falls walk closure after a letter is sent from COS.

How many dangerous tree falls have there been since the closure?

The strange face of electoral re-distribution.

Objections to this proposed structure can be lodged by 6:00pm AEST on Friday 4 May.   For details as to how and where see: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2018G00253

For more information about the “Mega Resort” please see