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Peter Fillmore Secretary
Otway Forum


Otway Forum normally meets at 3.00pm on the second Sunday of each month at the Community House,
"Marrar Woorn" in Pengilley Avenue, Apollo Bay.  Check the Apollo Bay News sheet for details.

Our late friend John Spencer wrote a seminal work on the planning fiasco around Apollo Bay.  Much of the work is available here and is relevant to the current proposal for a massive resort in the Barham valley

- a proposal which may have extremely bad outcomes for the town.
Read John’s words - and pages 86 - 95 may be of particular interest.            

Directions Hearing Report
The Ministerial Panel convened a Directions Hearing at Apollo Bay on Wednesday 14th March.
Present were the two Panel members, the proponent and legal, Colac Otway Council and legal, DELWP, Objectors Inc. and legal, and submitters and public.

Following is Objectors Inc’s understanding of what took place
The Panel outlined their expected timeline and sequence of events going forward, and reiterated that procedural fairness must be adhered to, and all parties be given sufficient time to effectively investigate and analyse the proposal and any new information that may come to light.
Key Points

i) The new plans and documentation tabled today are formally submitted and included in the application.

ii) All of the investigative Geotechnical work that the Golder report mentions is actually carried out prior to the Panel process proceeding, rather than it be simply set aside to be completed as a condition of a Planning Permit being issued.

iii) The entire application is then redistributed in updated form, and be uploaded onto COC website

iv)The CHMP study, whilst not halting the Panels work, needs to be kept moving forward, rather than be simply set aside to be completed as a condition of the Planning Permit being issued.

v) A site inspection be organised for submitters and experts

vi) A response form CCMA, Vic roads, CFA, Powercor would be sought on the updated application

vii) An Economic Impact study and a Social Impact Study of the proposal be undertaken

 A Directions Letter detailing all of the above will be issued to all parties next week
Summary; The proponent was told to go away, prepare a proper detailed professional application meeting all of the standard requirements of a normal Planning Application, and we can all sit down again and reassess the situation.
 Objectors Inc. asks the question; at what point is the Hotel proposal no longer of State Significance, given that the application is now reduced by well over half it’s original size?
Common sense and due process is at last starting to reappear.
We will update all members when (and indeed if) the requested information is tabled.
Please note that we are advised by Colac Otway Council officers that the planned Special Meeting of Council that was publicised for next week will now not take place.
Objectors Inc.

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Next Council meeting

Wednesday, 28 March,
Apollo Bay Community Centre, 4:00pm

Otway Forum Meeting   No.310   March. 11th

Matters included: