Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Peter Fillmore Secretary
Otway Forum

Next Council meetings

Wednesday, 28 February,
COPACC, 4:00pm

Wednesday 28 March
Apollo Bay Community Centre


Otway Forum normally meets at 3.00pm on the second Sunday of each month at the Community House,
"Marrar Woorn" in Pengilley Avenue, Apollo Bay.  Check the Apollo Bay News sheet for details.

Meeting 310  11 February 2018

Our late friend John Spencer wrote a seminal work on the planning fiasco around Apollo Bay.  Much of the work is available here and is relevant to the current proposal for a massive resort in the Barham valley

- a proposal which may have extremely bad outcomes for the town.
Read John’s words - and pages 86 - 95 may be of particular interest.            

Important dates for your diary



21 Feb

Transition Towns workshop

28 Feb

Colac-Otway Council meeting
COPPAC,  4:00pm

9 March

Close of applications to be heard at Planning Panel hearings

14 March

Directions hearing for Planning Panel
Community Centre

16 April

Public hearing scheduled to commence

Small Business Register
Objectors Inc has started a Small Business Register to oppose the Mega-Hotel and Villa Development at 275 Barham River Road.
By Small Businesses registering their objection to this development we hope to counter the blanket perception of politicians and promoters that the development will be “good for business”
The Business Register will be a powerful tool, and we urge all objectors to respond by email to
objectors275brr @ gmail.com
with your business name, address and ABN.

Cr. Stephen Hart in attendance

- A special council planning meeting in Colac last Wednesday passed a motion calling for more information from the developer, on the Barham Valley mega resort proposal.

- Council officers were requested to inform the Planning Minister that more information is required on several issues.

- Foot path to industrial estate needs prioritising and or yellow line.

- No footpath in front of service station causing issues for pedestrians.

- Arts and Culture Strategy draft report open for comment.

- Marengo heath lands reserve well over due for burning but not scheduled.

- A major fire risk close to many houses!!!

- COS search for a new CEO received 35 applicants, 3 selected for final interview but councillors couldn’t agree.

- Search to begin again. 6 months since last CEO resigned.