Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Peter Fillmore Secretary
Otway Forum

Council meetings

29 January 2020 @ COPACC


26 February 2020 @ COPACC


Otway Forum normally meets at 3.00pm on the second Sunday of each month at the Community House,
"Marrar Woorn" in Pengilley Avenue, Apollo Bay.  Check the Apollo Bay News sheet for details.

Meeting 331  12 January 2020

Coastal erosion - some relevant reports

Apollo Bay Sand Study, 2005, Coastal Engineering Solutions

Coastal Hazards Management Plan, Marengo to Skenes Creek, 2012,  Water Technology Pty Ltd for DSE

Apollo Bay Coastal Processes and Sand Movement Studies, updated to 2016 - Information sheet

Preparing for the Future, Victoria Coastal Council Science Panel, 2018. (Brochure)

Beach and sand

Tenders have been advertised to repair the lee and outer harbour walls.

Will this help slow the sand entering the harbour as it erodes off the back beach?

56,000cb/mtrs of sand to be pumped out of the harbour in April/May this year.

Will this help slow the severe erosion along the AB front beach?

Or will the beach/sand continue to wash away?

If groynes were built this sand would be trapped and the beach would be widened and heightened.

Great Ocean Road Authority

A bill to establish the new Great Ocean Road Authority to be introduced in state parliament soon.

Bush fire planning

Please attend the Community Fire Planning Workshop at the CFA this Sat. 10 to 1pm.

Apollo Bay IS becoming more vulnerable to bushfires!

Can the fire siren be reinstated in AB? It must only be used for fires.

Binns Rd. from the redwoods to Beech Forrest to be sealed before winter this year.

See more on coastal erosion and the important Community Infrastructure Plan Consultation in the full report

Click here for full report

Relevant reports for information

Apollo Bay and Marengo Coastal Geomorphology Report November 2019

Apollo Bay Erosion Report for CIP